That’s no sea turtle! Florida officer rescues dog from water

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Sergeant Brian Parkton of the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Marine Unit thought he was watching a lone sea turtle making its way through the water beneath the Marler Bridge in Destin, but on closer inspection he realized it was a small, white dog struggling to stay afloat!

He scooped the pup up into his boat, of course, and later found that the dog’s owners were on a desperate search to find her after she had fallen off a pontoon boat on Friday during an outing.

The dog was tired, but seemed no worse for wear. She was later reunited with her family.

Great job, Sergeant!!!

3 thoughts on “That’s no sea turtle! Florida officer rescues dog from water”

  1. For “pet’s sake ” if it is a MUST to take your little supposedly precious pup ” on your boat!!! get her a life jacket… They are not high prices and they are also very dog friendly… I have one as I swam a little dachshund with lower back weakness for months in or jet tub and she over came the issues with garnering strength… It would at least give your dog a lot better chance of survival !!! Thankfully Officer Parktain was ON THE JOB!!!!! and did a DAMN GOOD JOB AT THAT!!!

  2. If it is a must to take your little dog along “GET A DOGGIE LIFE JACKET””” they are not expensive and WLL SAVE YOUR LITTLE GIRL at least from drowning !!! Thank fully for Office PARKTON being on the JOB!!!

  3. Such good advice. I bought both my dogs life vests just in case we had a bad hurricane here in Fl. If I never use them it gives me peace of mind and money well spent. Thanks to the hero that saved this puppy.


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