The Fight for Ohio’s Dogs

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7 thoughts on “The Fight for Ohio’s Dogs”

  1. Ummmm the worst part of this is that the dogs are NOT all coming from OHIO. Over half are from other states. My mom has actually driven past the place where they have the dawg auctions. AND… when they aren’t auctioning DAWGS…. they are auctioning HORSES. Sadly, this is NOT a new story to those of us in this section of Ohio. Both types of auctions have been going on for YEARS!!! Many of us have written letters and made phone calls trying to get this ALL stopped. My mom says that the video you saw here is MILD compared to what it is really like. She actually knows someone who “bought” a horse there once. It is now living safe and secure in a HORSE RESCUE. THAT is how bad the situation REALLY is. This particular horse had to have 3 men HOLD IT UP while the “bids” were made. Guess who runs this place>>> AMISH group. BUTTT… they CLAIM that they only “Own” the building and are not responsible for the LIVESTOCK that are put up for auction. I should also say that dawgs and horses are not the only ones auctioned… chickens, rabbits, pigeons, goats, sheep, pigs…
    It gets my mom all upset and furious!!!! I am pawsonally glad that YOU have put the word out. THANKS!!!!


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