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The Best Way to Heal a Broken Heart

by Melanie

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Some people are so devastated by the loss of their pets that they can never bring themselves to get another.  But for many, the best way to heal a broken heart is by opening it to another who needs your love.


9.7.14 - The Best Way to Heal a Broken Heart1



Bear, my black lab passed away after 16 years. I was heartbroken. I cried for seven months. I was beside myself. My boyfriend said, “We have to get you another dog.” I said “no, I’m not ready.” He said, “Well, let’s just go look.”

We went to an adoption event, but all the dogs were larger. I had heard smaller dogs live longer, and I wasn’t ready to lose another dog for years to come. So I sat on the floor like a child and cried.

The woman asked what I was looking for, and I told her a small dog. She had just come from a shelter and said she saw the cutest little guy there. I just wanted to go home, but my boyfriend insisted we go look.

Once there, all the dogs came to greet me. I have a difficult time with that, always want to take them all home. Then there he was, the little cutie. They took him and me to a back room to see how we got along.

I was determined not to take him home. He danced around the floor, sat in front of me and looked me in the eye. I held steadfast, still determined. Then he jumped into my lap and put his nose on mine and stared at me in the eye, that’s when I looked around at my boyfriend and nodded yes!

That was four years ago. I still miss my Bear every day, but Spencer rescued me from my grief. I love my little baby boy so much, and he loves his momma! <3


Betsy – Brockport, NY