The Comfort of a Best Friend

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“Had my left testicle removed this morning(cancer). Wells has not left my side since I got home.”

Reddit user Big_Shrimpin, who had surgery last week at age 27 for testicular cancer, was comforted by his best friend, a German short haired pointer, when he got home.



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6 thoughts on “The Comfort of a Best Friend”

  1. Dogs are truly a gift from God for us they comfort us and shrare our pain god bless your dog and you.

  2. They know when we’re not feeling up to par or hurting…you can see it in his eyes he’s feeling your pain…physical and mental!

  3. My 3 yr old GSP is also incredible like that!
    Whenever she jumps at me when I come back and I say “ouch!” she’ll calm down and kiss me where she jumped with her paws. <3
    One time my brother's dog went missing for 24 hours and she just sat next to me whenever we weren't searching and put her hand on me, similarly as in the photo. I thought she was worried about him herself (as the entire family was looking for him and shouting his name, I assume she understood what was going on) but later on I looked up this gesture online and it is how dogs calm each other down, especially seen with mothers and puppies. They truely are our best friends, and I hope you get well soon and nurse back for full health.


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