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The Destruction of a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

by Fred

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11.25.15 - dog meat farmFEAT

The Humane Society International took part in a program to rescue dogs from then close down and demolish dog meat farms in South Korea.  A total of 103 dogs were taken from the property in the video you see here.  Hopefully, they can continue their work in stopping this barbaric practice, and dog meat farms will be just a bad memory.

11.25.15 - dog meat farm3


11.25.15 - dog meat farm6


11.25.15 - dog meat farm2


11.25.15 - dog meat farm5


11.25.15 - dog meat farm4


11.25.15 - dog meat farm1


11.25.15 - dog meat farm8


Demolishing a South Korean Dog Meat FarmThat dog meat farm? We bulldozed it. The 103 dogs we rescued were the last who will ever suffer there.

Posted by Humane Society International on Tuesday, November 3, 2015