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The Dog Ate My Binky! Vet Removes 21 Pacifiers From Dog’s Tummy

by Amy Drew

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Where are all the binkies disappearing to?

It was the question of the moment for an Oklahoma family who couldn’t figure out where their child’s pacifiers were going until the baby’s grandmother spotted Dovey, the family dog, swiping one off a counter.

The family whisked her off to the vets at Gentle Care Animal Hospital immediately.

While Dovey’s eating had slowed down and she had one bout of phlegmy vomit, she was acting quite normally, they told the veterinarian.

A few x-rays later and they had solved the mystery of the missing binkies.

image 27
Doctors from Gentle Care Animal Hospital posted a series of images of the successful procedure to warn owners that “dogs will eat anything at anytime at any age, so always be watching!” Photo: Gentle Care Animal Hospital


Dovey was taken in for surgery and vets expected to find between seven and nine of them in her stomach and were shocked to pull 21 of them from the dog’s innards.

Dovey, for her part, is doing beautifully and is already recovering at home.

The vets posted a series of images on Facebook (some graphic, be warned) from the procedure with a warning that “dogs will eat anything, anytime and at any age,” so owners should always be diligent.