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The Dog Dung Vacuum: Powered Poop Scooping


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Tired of bending over a few times each day to scoop the poop? If you and your back have had enough, perhaps the dog dung vacuum is the answer. Offered by Hammacher Schlemmer, this poo sucking innovation retails for $99, less than we expected – but be prepared to shell out for replacement bags: they are unique to the design and 50 of them will set you back $20. A description from their catalog:

This device vacuums pet waste into a disposable bag, eliminating the need to bend over and scoop excrement by hand. A 30,000-rpm motor quickly suctions dog waste from grass, concrete, or even snow-covered ground into a plastic bag that removes for ease of disposal. The bag wraps around the vacuum’s intake to prevent waste from touching any part of the device. About the size of a leaf blower, the cordless vacuum transports easily around a yard and stores unobtrusively. Provides up to 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge via the included AC adapter. Includes 25 3-lb.-capacity bags.

Would you shell out $100+ to save the effort of scooping it yourself? We’re not so sure this would get a lot of use in our home – but those suffering from back issues, or elderly dog walkers may be relieved to find an alternative to the stoop and scoop maneuver.