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The Four Kinds of Dogs You’d See at an Obstacle Course Competition

by Fred

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The first video would like you to believe that there are only two types of dogs you’d see in a competition of this sort.  Actually, we believe a bit different.  There are actually FOUR kinds of dogs.  Yes, there’s totally dog number one, and dog number two.  (Coincidentally, dog number two gets a GIANT A+ for effort and being just plain adorable)




However, we cannot forget about dog number three.  Ah yes, dog number three…  Personally speaking, the writer of this article feels that dog number three is to be commended for being number one, at number two…




Of course last, but never least, we have dog number four.  Number four isn’t going to be winning many first place trophies, but the silly dogs are always the dogs that take first place in our hearts!