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The Freedom No Pull Harness….WORKS!

by Nancy Freedman-Smith

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Dog trainers have to be up to date on the latest and greatest products around, and I am here to let you all on a little trade secret that is no longer a secret.

Wiggles and Wags and Whiskers No Pull  Harness works!
We tested it on several dogs over the last few weeks, and prior to that I have used them with numerous client’s dogs.  For the most part, dogs don’t pull when they wear it. With a clip on the top of the back as well as the front of the chest, this product is quite versatile, and the harness  can be used several different ways.  The velvet under the arms is an extra nice touch and it helps to make it really comfortable for dogs to wear.  It is easy to adjust and it fit every dog we tried it on quite well.  Unlike similar products, the front chest piece does not slip down causing dogs to trip and tall flat on their faces.

And yet there is more.
Great quality, and MADE in the US OF A!

kylie Lwd 1Today’s harness model is my latest foster dog Kylie. She is a doll, but she did nearly pull her way out of the grip of my kid when she arrived last  week. We can confidently say that Kylie does not pull when wearing the harness, and my kid enjoyed our walk to school this morning, thanks in great part to the harness she was wearing.

The no pull harness is available with a double clip leash, and sliding handle. Look close at the picture and you can see the silver clip.  You can use the leash on clipped to both front and top. We love it! You can use it on the top, the front or clip to both for power pullers. So simple, my 10 year old had no problem whatsoever with this tool.

We have also been testing the harness on our newest rescue dog Beck. Beck has some…how do you say….self control issues: yeah, that is the story we are sticking to. Beck can still pull with any training tool I have tried, but of everything out there in the vast universe, he walks the best with this harness. It should be noted that Beck can walk at a competition heel and be rather stunning at it, but that is not how he should walk all the time.

Dogs need lots of time to just be dogs.  That walking behind you stuff you all have heard about is bunk. Your dog should be allowed to have times to explore, even on leash, and to just be dogs.  So let them sniff about, just so long as you give them permission to do so, your rotator cuff stays in its intended spot and your spine stays aligned.

Remember these few important keys to walking well on a leash.

***Dogs do what works, and if pulling gets them where they want to be then it is a no brainer that they will continue to pull.

***There is no shame in using a training tool while your dog is in training. Using a training tool like a great no pull harness allows your dog to practice good behavior. As we say in the dog training world, “perfect practice makes perfect.”

***Your dog needs exercise  and training and they are learning all the time. Be careful what you are teaching.


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