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The Masters of Camouflage

by Fred

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9.28.15 - camo petsFEAT

Using camouflage is nothing new to the animal world.  From avoiding becoming a snack for something else, to just blending in so they can sleep easier, almost every animal does this in some respect.  Even our pets get in on the game.

Recently, a Reddit user was searching high and low for his dog. The dog was described as a black “Yorkiepoo” that was five months old, and when his human couldn’t find her, the human panicked.

Making one last thorough search of his home, the human FINALLY found his dog.  He went into the bathroom, and this is what he saw:

9.28.15 - camo pets1

Still straining to see the dog in this picture?  Here, let us make things a bit easier on you:

9.28.15 - camo pets2

Yes, that is the dog in question.  Now that is a camouflage master a wok if we’ve ever seen one!  One could hardly be blamed for not noticing the dog straight away.

This was the post that the human put on Reddit after his experience with his very chameleon-like dog:

9.28.15 - camo pets3

This post has started a new trend on the popular social media website.  Now, people are posting pictures of their pets blending in.  Here are some more pics posted.  What do you think?

9.28.15 - camo pets5


9.28.15 - camo pets4


9.28.15 - camo pets6


Is this something that you experience with your dogs?  Are any of them masters of disguise?  Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.  You can search for Life With Dogs, or simply click here to be taken there directly.