The Most “Interesting” Looking Dog in Britain

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I’m feeling charitable, so rather than use the expression that other outlets will no doubt flog when these pics get out, I’m just going to refer to Doug here as exotic. 😉

Nicknamed Ug, this partially blind two year old pointer cross languished in shelters for months (presumably passed over for more traditional looking dogs) before April Parker spotted him on the Mayflower Sanctuary’s website. The 35 year old woman and her daughters visited Ug and were smitten, forking out £200 to adopt the pooch.

Parker says: “When people see him they do a double take. “He looks comical with his bug eyes and cross teeth and he’s always bumping into things. But he has a fantastic temperament and is really loving.”

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27 thoughts on “The Most “Interesting” Looking Dog in Britain”

  1. Looks like another contestant for the worlds ugliest dog.
    I fell in love with a big cat named George that had a open cleft palate. He was a great boy but one side of his face was open with his teeth showing. Couldn’t have found sweeter kitty!

  2. This goes out to all who love dogs that are not perfect, I have one dog who has cost me a fortune for two knee surgeries and will need hip surgery in the near future. I have another one who has a ‘bad attitude’ around other dogs, I just took on a cattle dog who may have thyroid, she is pretty grumpy, definitely not the ‘perfect pet,’ this takes time and patience. God bless all of you who love imperfect pups!


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