The Pit Crew

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Love-A-Bull believes in educating and leading through example. To that end, they have started an all-pittie therapy group, The Pit Crew. Their goal is for volunteers to visit children and adults in need, including those living with mental and physical challenges. Dogs provide therapeutic interaction that can improve mood, build confidence, and repair hearts.

Pit bulls, as natural people-pleasers, are perfect for this job, and have served as therapy dogs in many facilities around the country. It’s a natural fit, and the following report is much welcomed positive pittie press for fans the breed.

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21 thoughts on “The Pit Crew”

  1. Finally! Pitties are getting the recognition they deserve instead of the bad rep caused by ignorant and malicious people. They are an amazing, intelligent, and gentle breed when loved properly.

  2. How irritating that they had to offer the gory details of two pit attacks before launching into the positive press. Not sure that was necessary.

  3. Lovely…but why did they feel it was necessary to start with two negative stories? heaven forfend they just leave it at “we usually hear negatives” and move to the positive.

  4. This is great – I had one for 15 years and they really are the most loveable companions and get such a bad wrap in the media!


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