The Pixie Project: Help for Homeless Pets

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The Pixie Project, a nonprofit shelter in Portland, Oregon provides counseling and care for pets of homeless.

Amy Sacks runs The Pixie Project, and spends her days tracking down and working with homeless pet owners. “It’s the economy. I am taking so many animals that are family pets,” said Sacks. “I just took in a 9-year-old dog, and these people were besides themselves. They had the dog since it was 7 weeks old, and they lost their home.”

Sacks says she is fully aware that despite her best efforts, there will always be homeless pets in need because Portland, like most cities, does not allow pets in homeless shelters. “It’s gut-wrenching,” she said, describing her work.

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11 thoughts on “The Pixie Project: Help for Homeless Pets”

  1. Some of the sweetest and most obedient dogs I saw in Oregon were on street corners with their homeless owners, usually with signs asking for work or food. I felt doubly sad.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I am glad to hear about The Pixie Project and shared this at Animal & Pet Rescue 🙂

  3. It is rare to find a shelter (for humans) that allows pets. In cases where a person is in a shelter, due to domestic violence, taking the pet can be extremely important in keeping both the pet and owner safe. As the video clip shows, many homeless people would rather sleep outside and keep their pet than relinquish the pet to enter a shelter. Although taking animals into a homeless shelter is problematic, this is a situation that is all too common and deserves attention.

  4. This is totally sad and unfair. This is America, no pets or people should have to be out on the streets. Our goverment sends billions of dollars to aid other countries i think it’s about time they help the people in their own backyards.Wake up people in Washington the people in America need your help…


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