The Power of Fostering – Can You Help?

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honey beeb

Fostering is a crucial part of the program for rescues and shelters, many of whom do not have physical locations and work solely to save animals with placements in the homes of caregivers.  These angels make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many animals, not to mention those families who have adopted a foster into their forever homes.  Without these amazing volunteers, there would be so many displaced animals, the thought alone is overwhelming.

Still, there is an on-going, critical need for loving foster homes, people willing to open their hearts and houses to animals that might otherwise never know the comfort of a touch or kind word.  Perhaps of even greater need are fosters willing to take on the challenges of senior or special needs animals that often require a great deal more patience and understanding.

This beautiful video below, presented by Best Friends Animal Society, shows how much influence a foster home can have. Honey Bee, a senior dog surrendered by her owner to the Los Angeles shelter partner West Valley Animal Care Center, was visibly depressed, so the decision was made to move her to foster care.  The change in her is extraordinary because of the her foster mom, Linda Huse.

To all the amazing foster moms and dads out there, thank you. To anyone considering opening your heart and your home to an animal or animals in need of foster care, we urge you to get in touch with your local shelter and/or rescue.  You have the opportunity to save the life of a deserving animal and make all the difference in their, and your own, world.