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The Puppy Mill Effect


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marshall puppy mill survivor1

This short video is heartbreaking and encouraging at once. Marshall is a sweet, scared puppy mill escapee, and I share this because it so clearly illustrates just one of many lasting psychological challenges that these innocent creatures face when they step out into the real world.

From his rescuer:  Marshall makes it over the threshold! Marshall spent ten years in a puppy mill and is now learning how to be a dog. His first week home with us he finally learned to come through the door. Puppy mills are known for slamming the dogs heads in the door to frighten them so much that even if they escape their cages they won’t challenge the door. Marshall had an enormous fear of thresholds. This was a huge first step for him. For more about Marshall visit:

I intend to follow Marshall’s progress and provide updates as he settles in and gains confidence. Stay tuned or subscribe for the rest of his story.

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