The Queen’s Corgis Attack Visiting Canine Royalty

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Queens corgis 008
Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi/Dachshund mix dogs attacked one of Princess Beatrice’s dogs.

At Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth’s home in England, the Queen’s dogs were letting Princess Beatrice’s dog Max, an elderly Norfolk terrier, know that he was not invited to the post-Olympic party. The six Corgi/Dachshund mixes came upon the three dogs belonging to Princess Beatrice in a corridor at Balmoral and chaos ensued. Poor little Max almost had his ear torn off.

It wasn’t the dogs’ fault. They were not introduced properly so the Queen’s dogs took it upon themselves to tell the interlopers that they were not welcome. Had they met in an open field, with proper adult supervision, things may have gone much better. Who’s to say, though, since there are some dogs who just don’t like other dogs? Dogs sometimes tend to pick on the weak or sick dogs as an instinctual way of thinning out the herd but in this case, it was the humans who were to blame.

Max will survive but probably won’t want to visit the Queen, and her pack, anytime soon.