The Town Refused to Help, So Neighbors Saved This Chained, Taped-Up Dog Themselves

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Alfie’s former owner kept him chained up outside.  All day, every day, for years, with nothing but concrete to lie on.  And then, because he barked and cried to come in, his muzzle was taped shut.  Neighbors had enough of being ignored by the SPCA, and at this last straw, jumped the fence to save him from the abuse.


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It seems that for making simple mistakes that every puppy makes while learning, Alfie, who was nameless at the time, was forced to live outside by his impatient and unloving owner.  For scratching at the door to be let in, he was chained so he couldn’t come near it.  For crying out to be loved and pay attention to by his family, he had his mouth tightly taped closed.


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It was obvious what kind of toll the years of being shackled was taking on him; he lunged and snapped and barked incessantly.  Next door neighbors watched Alfie endure this abuse and neglect, which tormented them as much as it did him.  They called the SPCA repeatedly, but as keeping a dog tethered wasn’t illegal, there was nothing they could do.


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So the neighbors took matters into their own hands.  One day they hopped the fence and cut Alfie free.  It is unclear just what happened to him at this point, but as Animal Advocates Society posted his story, likely it is they who took him in.


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To keep such an intelligent and social creature so isolated, unstimulated, and uncomfortable is immoral, and Alfie was very sensitive after the years of mental anguish.  But over time, he healed.


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He was blessed with a new family, one who was every bit as loving as his previous one was heartless.  He rejoiced in being free to run, play, and snuggle.


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Alfie was cherished by his human family members, and befriended by a dog buddy who looked a lot like him.  Though he is no longer alive, he spent every single day of the rest of his life being happy and free.


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6 thoughts on “The Town Refused to Help, So Neighbors Saved This Chained, Taped-Up Dog Themselves”

  1. I would like to know where the authorities were and why did they stand by and let such disgusting abuse take place. My tax dollars hard at work. When u let scumbags get away with this crap you arecondoning there behavior which makes you NO better then them..I am sick and tired of the human race thinking they can do what ever they want and thinking they are better then everything.. Ashamed to be a part of the human race.

  2. Sounds like this SPCA is helping promote abuse and need to be charged along with the owners. How about naming the town where this SPCA is located.

  3. I was feeding up to 20 stray dogs daily in this ghetto neighborhood few years ago. I contacted the ASPCA, Humane Society, and shelters around my area. Most of them told me that they can’t do nothing about it because they only pick up injured dog or not within the pick up area? Some even told me If i’ve been feeding them, they are consider mine and nothing they can do. The downtown shelter were the only one willing to come out, I waited 3 months and they finally came out, but more than half got hit by cars and died within those 3 months.

  4. I believe there are still good shelters out there that really do care, but majority of them are all about the money and paychecks.

  5. I’m proud to be a foster mom at our local non profit animal shelter…we have a 0% kill rate to date..we rescue from our local dog pound as well…we do it based on volunteer work from vets and our community. While they can’t save every animal that remains the goal. Why don’t all communities do these type services to local animals… Its not hard work or long hours if every one chips in..and with social media its simple to get help…


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