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These Sweet Seniors Spent Their Lives Amid The Cruelty of a Dog Fighting Ring….

by Amy Drew

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King and Rita Sue were two of many dogs rescued by the Humane Society of the United States from an organized dog fighting ring late last year.

While most of their fellow rescues’ causes were quickly taken up by rescues around the country, King and Rita Sue were continually passed over.


Age, breed and the stigma of being “fight dogs” put them at the bottom of the list.

But then the Leon County Humane Society in Tallahassee, FL, read their bios. And LCHS’ Dog Foster Coordinator, Amy Raddar, knew that they could help these forgotten dogs.

With the assistance of a new grant for senior dogs from the Grey Muzzle Organization, they were able to do just that.

Both King and Rita Sue’s bodies show a lifetime of abuse written across their skin in scar tissue and badly healed broken bones. The majority of their lives have been sacrificed to satisy the greed and bloodlust of the cruelest of humans. And yet, they are a direct contrast to the “fight ring dog” stereotype. Gentle, affectionate and loving, these dogs are living reminders of the need for second chances.

King and Rita Sue have spent most of their lives trying to survive against impossible odds.

Please share their story and help us find both of these sweet senior dogs the loving homes they deserve.

And if you’re interested, visit LCHS’ adoptable dogs page to find out more!