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Thirty Dogs Are Rescued and Three Men Are Facing Animal Cruelty Changes and More in Fighting Bust

by Fred

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Thirty dogs were taken from a property in Louisiana suspected of housing a dog fighting ring.  Seventeen of the dogs were found to be malnourished, and tethered to the ground by heavy logging chains.  Three men are now facing felony animal cruelty charges and possibly much more.

Seventeen starving dogs rescued from Holoman Loop in Dubberly, some tethered with heavy logging chains.  Seven were puppies so terribly infested with parasites that they might not make it.


4.25.17 dog fighting bust2
Randall Tims


In connection with the seizure, Randall Tims is facing 17 counts of animal cruelty and 17 counts of failure to vaccinate for rabies.  According to law enforcement, Tims pulled a gun on someone during a dog fight taking place at the property, and that person reported him to the police.  During the investigation, he was also hit with multiple drug and weapons charges.


4.25.17 dog fighting bust1
Laracco Batton


At another location also tied to the fighting ring, five more dogs were seized.  This location was on Highway 80 in Minden, Louisiana and belongs to Laracco Batton, who is charged with five counts of animal cruelty as well.


4.25.17 dog fighting bust3
Ketrick Frazier


Eight dogs were taken from a third location connected to Ketrick Frazier on Lorex Road, also in Minden.  These dogs were also in terrible condition, dehydrated and malnourished.  There was also a lot of equipment consistent with training fighting dogs.  Frazier also faces eight counts of animal cruelty in connection with this fighting ring bust.

A petition has been created asking prosecutors to demand that they receive the maximum penalty.  Click here to sign.