This Dog Will Do Anything to Keep Her Human Home

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Cinnamon, or as her human dad knows her; Babies does not like to be left alone.  Things get worse when he is trying to leave for work.  Not only will she sit in front of the door, blocking his exit, but if he moves her out of the way, she scurries back over as quick as she can in an effort to stop him.

Chad Pack loves Cinnamon very much, but fears that she has been pandered to for so long, she now has a bit of an attitude about things.  She is so spoiled in fact, that the family was unable to keep another dog they adopted because of her.  She became so jealous, it actually became a real problem.

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56 thoughts on “This Dog Will Do Anything to Keep Her Human Home”

  1. I did not find that video cute or amusing. If he is leaving that poor dog alone every day going to work, he should be ashamed of himself. She was desperate to keep him home and all he did was laugh about it and film it. She needs another dog to be there with her. Leaving alone without company is not right. Dogs need company. 8 hours alone for them is torture.

  2. I believe dad needs to be the pack leader and not the submissive one. As it is now, Baby is the leader and doesn’t know her place. Before anybody jumps on the “poor puppy bandwagon”, I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. All are at home, 2 of the 4 are crated daily while I go to work. The 2 that are crated look forward to being lazy in their crates throughout the day. The 2 big dogs go outside in their fenced yard where they lay around ALL day. So STOP shaming people who love their babies and have to work too.

  3. This sounds like separation anxiety. How about introducing a trainer and/or animal behaviorist to help you out with this sweetheart? They can help determine the best strategies to resolve this situation. If you need referrals, speak with your vet or a local rescue organization.


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