This Guy Has A Whole PACK of Pitties At Home … Now He’s Saving Them All Over California!

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After bringing home his own pittie, Mia, and experiencing the prejudice against these dogs in his own family, Drew set about changing the way people see these beautiful dogs. He is now a co-director of Reversed Rescue in Los Angeles, CA. And he has a whole PACK of pitties in his house!

Great video from Pittie Nation and The Dodo. Check them out and follow their page!

We love bullies!!! <3

2 thoughts on “This Guy Has A Whole PACK of Pitties At Home … Now He’s Saving Them All Over California!”

  1. You are one person in this Great Nation that is doing your best to save these deserving dogs, it is not only time consuming, it is costly. Our Shelters are euthanizing more and more animals on a Daily Basis, stating that people are not adopting.. Yet the Human Society International is bringing in 80 dogs from Korea, which has to be enormous in costs , and that means that HOW many more USA born and bread dogs , like the ones you are saving will lose their lives…. I commend you for your dedication in what I have started to view as a sort of No Win for our Shelter dogs, due to the fact their chances are being decreased for adoption due to things like HSI being allowed to decrease our own dogs USA born to have a better chance… “


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