This Unlikely Trio of Best Friends Playing Together is Too Cute!

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Over the years, we’ve shown you many “odd couples,” or animals that seemingly wouldn’t necessarily pair up in the wild making for some really special friendships. ¬†However, we believe that a best friends group consisting of a dog, a cat, and an otter is a first, even for us!

Source: This Has To Be The Most Unlikely Animal Friendship We’ve Ever Encountered. See Why! by jlaunc on Rumble






7 thoughts on “This Unlikely Trio of Best Friends Playing Together is Too Cute!”

  1. I don’t think this is cute. Whoever filmed this was putting that cat in danger. It was trying to get away from the otter, then the dog, then the otter again. They were not 3 little animal friends playing. Hopefully the cat got away and was not harmed. No one should own an otter anyway. They are wild animals with sharp little teeth. If you aren’t going to take care of your pets and keep them out of harm’s way, stupidly videotaping even a mild attack from other animals instead of protecting them, you should find good homes for them and get a goldfish.


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