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Three-Legged Injured Stray Indian Dog Finds Love and Hope

by Katherine

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On December 14, 2013, and injured stray dog near its death was picked up by an Animal Aid Unlimited ambulance in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The male dog, known to many as Tony, had a large laceration across his face and his left, front leg had been severed to the bone. Tony seemed hopeless, but with the help of Animal Aid Unlimited he had a chance at surviving.

“Tony needed a chance, and he needed love,” Claire Abrams of Animal Aid Unlimited told One Green Planet. “Animals are incredible survivors and have stores of strength not to be underestimated.”

Veterinarians performed emergency surgery on Tony, closing the large gash on his face and amputating the rest of his front leg. The stray’s leg was infected and amputation was the only way to save his life.

Tony. Photo Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited
Tony. Photo Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited


Animal Aid Unlimited did not know much about Tony’s background. At first the stray dog was aggressive and unfriendly, but this was due to the extreme pain he experienced from his injuries. Once he started healing he became a complete love bug.

“[Tony] not only wanted to be pet, he even wanted a belly rub!” said Abrams. “He wanted to love and be loved.”

No one knows for sure how Tony got hurt. Many believed he was hit and dragged by a car. The good news is that Tony is on the mend now.

As for his future, Tony can become a permanent resident at the shelter or he could be returned to the streets where he was found. Don’t worry. This will only happen if community members agree to look after Tony.

In India pet adoption is not very common and most street dogs are cared for by community members. Animal lovers feed strays daily and they even offer a warm place for the dogs to sleep at night. Being a cared for street dog is a lot better than becoming someone’s pet and spend a lifetime tethered in a yard.

To help Tony and other Animal Aid Unlimited pets consider making an online donation.

You can watch a video of Tony’s recovery but viewer discretion is advised at the very beginning of the video. There are graphic images of Tony’s initial injuries.

We hope Tony the best in his recovery and hope he finds a home or a community that will love and care for him always!