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Three People Face Stiffest Penalties Possible in Abuse Case Out of Michigan

by Fred

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Three people are facing the stiffest penalties one could possibly face in Macomb County, Michigan for the torture and abuse of a dog called Elvira.  The poor dog was in such bad shape, that County Prosecutor Eric Smith is seeking the maximum sentence against these monsters, and is clearly beyond angry about this horrible case of abuse.

“This poor dog was treated horrifically with no care,” he told the Free Press in an interview Monday. “This dog was tortured, abused, neglected.”

The dog is now being called Elvira by veterinary staff caring for her.  She’s been cleared of critical condition and has been medically stabilized, however after what has happened to her, she faces one heck of an uphill battle when it comes to recovery.  The injuries and neglect she suffered was immense, and quite frankly there’s no way to sugar-coat any of it.  Along with being horribly matted, covered and forced to live in her own waste, and wound up losing a paw because of these people.

Christopher Penn, 36; his wife, Sonja Sturdivant, 49, and her son, Demico Knight Jr., 21, are each facing one count of torturing an animal.  In Macomb County, this is a felony that carries a minimum of four years in jail.  As previously stated, Smith is seeking the maximum be imposed upon the group for what they’ve done to this poor dog.

Elvira may have been horribly abused, and her recovery will be long and possibly very difficult, it by no means is a death sentence.  She’s in the very capable and loving care of the Macomb Animal Control, and they hope that after making a full medical recovery, she can still be shown that life with someone who will love her unconditionally can be a wonderful thing, and she can begin to enjoy the rest of her life.