Thunderstorm Scares Dog Trapping Him in River Bed

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On June 3, 2014, Dana, a small black and white dog from Spokane, Wash., got scared and ran off when a heavy thunderstorm hit the area. The canine was spooked to the point where she ran very fast not looking where she was going. The dog tried to leap over the Spokane River, but unfortunately the dog got trapped in the edge of the river and required professional rescue.

Dana getting rescued.
Dana getting rescued.


Officers from Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) tried to locate and capture Dana that same night, but they weren’t able to find her.

The very next morning, Rhonda Driskill, a Spokane resident, spotted the small dog and called authorities to have them rescue it.

“I see these kids chasing this little dog, I was kind of watching the scene unfold, it ran off, it ran down here as fast as could be, ran to the very edge and leaped over like horse,” Driskill told Downtown Spokane.

Fire rescuers arrived at Riverfront Park and lowered a team member over the river edge to rescue the pet.

Once the pet was secured and back on safe ground, she was scanned for a microchip. The information on the chip was matched with her owner’s identity and the two were reunited at the scene.