Tijuana Special Needs Stray Gets Second Chance in Life

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South of the border it is very common to see dogs roaming the streets, many times locals are indifferent to the pets’ needs, but once in a while there is a dog that touches the heart of an animal lover and that person does whatever her or she can to help the animal in need.

Beaumont (French for beautiful mountain) is a Tijuana street dog that was close to his death. The canine was fending for himself, dragging his body as best as he could because he lost the function of his back legs. On top of being handicap, the dog had also been abandoned and abused. The injured dog was emaciated, infested with ticks, and had rotting flesh on his hind legs.

A man named Walter found him and to no avail shared pictures of the pet on social media networks, but there was little interest to help this dying dog.

Photo Credit: Mona Chaichi Tehrani and Colleen Peltier
Photo Credit: Mona Chaichi Tehrani and Colleen Peltier


That all changed when Mona Chaichi Tehrani decided to step in and help.

Beaumont has been rescued and taken to California for treatment. Veterinarians believe the dog is only 10 months old and after a check up it was discovered that he suffers from bilateral hip deformity, multiple vertebrae deformities, arthritis in his front knee, and other deformities beyond repair in his back limbs.

The best thing for him is to amputate his non-functioning back legs, but before this can happen, the injured Mexican stray needs to find a foster home.

“[He] needs a foster home by next week in Orange County or Los Angeles (West Side),” posted Tehrani on Facebook. “We are not discussing other routes of treatments, therapy, etc, as we have done our consults and are making the right decision based on the facts about his deformities to amputate both hind legs at mid thigh. It take a special person to foster a special needs pet. If you are that person, please email us at [email protected] so we can send you a foster application as soon as possible.”

The cost of the surgery and his living expenses are being covered, but Beaumont just needs someone with time, love, and dedication to help him heal after surgery.

If you live in the area and are willing to help, please contact Mona Chaichi Tehrani and help the Mexican stray learn that he too s worth living and loving.