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Tiny Dog Is Left at Shelter with Heartbreaking Note

by Katherine

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We’re sure Pinky never though she would one day find herself homeless after having a family all to her own, but this little dog was abandoned at Sacramento SPCA on August 15, 2015, with a note explaining why. Once you read the note, your heart will break.


“Hi, my name is Pinky. My family tried really hard to get rid of my fleas but couldn’t, and I’m suffering. They didn’t have any way to get help because they don’t have any money. They loved me so much that they decided to take me to a non-kill shelter to get the help I need. I brought all my stuff for my new family. Thank you for your help.”

The saddest part isn’t that fleas are easily treated and Pinky could be back home with her family if they had just asked for help. What breaks our heart is that Pinky’s family erroneously believed the Sacramento ASPCA is a no-kill shelter. If Pinky is not adopted after her stray hold period, she could easily be euthanized.

When the shelter found the pet at their doorstep they posted a picture of the dog an the note on their Facebook wall with the following message:
“[It] is heartbreaking for all parties involved. We wish we had an opportunity to speak with the owners to see what they had tried and if we could offer them another solution. If you or someone you know is having an issue with a pet, whether it be behavioral or medical, please share this resource with them so we can try to keep pets home with their families:

Pinky has already garner lots of attention and hundreds have expressed interest in adopting her. However, the dog will be on a five-day stray hold and only after this period she will be available for adoption through the ASPCA.

Rescuers say Pinky is very sad and scared. They have treated her fleas with Advantage and hope to help her break out of her shell during their stray hold period. If Pinky proves more difficult to get ready for adoption, the ASPCA will reach out to rescue organizations for help and they will be the ones making the pooch available for adoption when and if she is ready.

See how social Pinky is today, we think she will be adopted soon!