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Tiny Dog Trapped in Toilet Rescued by Firefighters

by Fred

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6.28.16 - stuck2

At first, it may almost seem kind of comical.  A tiny dog in China gets stuck in a toilet and needs to be rescued.  However, it was anything but a laughing matter for the terrified little pup that found himself in this very position, and people had to be called in for a rescue.

In the video, it’s very clear how serious the situation was, as there was no room for the dog to wiggle out in any way.  Thankfully for the little dog, help wasn’t too far away.  Some firefighters came in to assess the situation, and were actually able to remove the dog from the drain.

6.28.16 - stuckFEAT

Needless to say, please pay attention when your dog is in the bathroom, and near any kind of drain.  This goes double if you happen to have a smaller dog that could easily become trapped, just like this dog was.  You don’t need to hover over them, paying attention to every little detail, but be aware of where your dog is, and what the dangers in the area could possibly be.