Tiny Puppy Thrown Over a Bridge Rescued by Delivery Woman

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4.13.16 - Puppy Thrown Over Bridge Rescued


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I deliver packages during the winter, and one Friday, passed this soaking wet little puppy beside the river that one of my roads follows. I knew I could get fired if I picked it up, despite it being winter, and I just prayed that he’d be safe.

After my packages were delivered and I was headed home, I couldn’t rest without knowing that that pup had been picked up. My heart sank when I saw him in the same exact spot, dried but still shivering, four hours later. I scooped him up, and made the decision to keep him until Monday, when I’d drop him off at the pound.

I didn’t even get home before that plan changed. I checked for microchips, called pounds and vets, let them know I found this little black-lab puppy, posted signs, even asked around at work. And one person said, “Oh, that’s very common for that river. People just throw puppies over the bridge and drive away.” I was horrified.

Two years later, and he is the best dog I’ve ever had. I don’t know who decided to throw a six-week-old pure-bred black Lab puppy over a bridge into freezing water just before Christmas, but I want to thank you, because you threw away a GREAT dog, and gave me my best friend, partner, companion, and now service dog.


Submitted by Tara of Columbus, OH


34 thoughts on “Tiny Puppy Thrown Over a Bridge Rescued by Delivery Woman”

  1. Very sweet article, but I hate seeing it here. One person told me that “leaving” dogs by the roadside, in neighborhoods, and yes, in the river (“it’s a water dog breed, so it will be okay and have a soft landing”) is a good way to get rid of them because “there are long lines at the shelter and they want money” and “people who want a dog will take it home.”

    This article gives support to those jerks. I hate to see it in print…

  2. So glad you went back for him! Backyard breeders as just as bad as Puppy Mills. They both treat dogs very
    inhumanly and are only out for the almighty dollar. They ought to ban BYBs as well as PMs and only allow breeders who are registered with their state and licensed and are inspected twice a year with a limited amount of dogs to breed……Not that it will ever happen much to my sorrow.


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