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Tiny Yorkie Survives Brutal Coyote Attack

by Melanie

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5.18.16 - Tiny Yorkie Survives Brutal Coyote Attack5


A few weeks ago, Hercules was attacked by a coyote in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and narrowly escaped with his life.  He has a plethora of deep puncture wounds and was given a very slim chance of making it, but miraculously, he has pulled through!

This plea and the updates come from his fundraiser page:

I am doing this to help my niece Betty Pomarico and her daughters. Saturday night her yorkie Hercules was attacked by a coyote at their home in Lynchburg. He is in very critical condition and fighting for his life. He needs to be moved to Nashville vet and needs surgery. She does not have the funds at this time and she is heartbroken. She has had him for a long time and he is family to her and the girls. If you can find it in your heart to donate anything and many prayers for little Hercules who is a fighter because most dogs probably would have died, and he will without all our help and the proper care that is needed. He is currently in a vet in Lynchburg and his suggestion is to move him to Nashville Vet to give him the best chance.


5.18.16 - Tiny Yorkie Survives Brutal Coyote Attack3


Hercules is still holding on, he has made a little progress but Dr. says not out of the woods yet. My niece Betty and I want to thank the people who have donated and are praying for her sweet Hercules. Please keep sharing our page and praying. The vet bills are mounting up quickly but my poor fur baby is worth it.

Hercules needs your help and we are hoping someone will help spread the word for us, please pray, share or make a donation. All donations go directly to Cascade Veterinarian Hospital in Wartrace TN, feel free to call and confirm Hercules condition at 931-389-0449: Hercules was attacked by coyotes Saturday night (4/23/16) and is fighting for his life. He’s in critical condition and is currently at Cascade veterinarian hospital in Wartrace TN. He was given a very slim chance to survive but against all odds has managed to stay alive. His progress is very slow and will need months to recover and extensive veterinarian care. Please help share this and save our Hercules. The vet bills are near $2000 already and he still has a long road ahead of him.


5.18.16 - Tiny Yorkie Survives Brutal Coyote Attack1


Hercules started hydrotherapy treatments for his wounds today they have to be done several times a day. He is starting to eat and drink a little on his own, unfortunately still [not] enough to get him off the IV and he still gets his antibiotics that way. His progress is slow but at least it’s heading in the right direction. We are still looking at quite a lengthy hospital stay. So again I want to thank everyone who has donated and has said prayers for my baby. Please keep sharing we are slowly making progress towards our goal and it will be every bit of the $5000 we are looking to raise.


5.18.16 - Tiny Yorkie Survives Brutal Coyote Attack2


Hercules is still at the vet, he is progressing slowly but can’t come home yet. He gets hydrotherapy several times a day for his wounds. He is eating and drinking on his own so he is finally off IV. 

Hercules was allowed outside at the vet’s yesterday for a little while but was very uneasy. He cannot come home until his wounds heal more as they are still very deep. They are still doing hydrotherapy throughout each day and antibiotics. Slowly but surely getting better thanks to all the prayers and support you all have given for my baby. 

If you would like to ensure that Hercules receives all the medical care he needs to fully recover, please CLICK HERE to donate.



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