To All of the Dog Mom’s Out There

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Seeing that it’s Mother’s Day, a cute Mother’s Day video is a no brainer, right?  Well, what if you don’t have any human kids?  What about something for all of the dog mom’s?  Well, this one is for all of the dog mom’s, Happy Mother’s Day!  Give those fur-kids a hug and settle in for a cute video!

26 thoughts on “To All of the Dog Mom’s Out There”

  1. Please educate everyone about Puppy Mills, which are commercial dog breeding facilities that 99% of puppies that are sold in pet stores, news paper ads, Craigslist, online and various places like flea markets. The Mother dogs as well as Father dogs live in small cages their whole lives without good food, vet care, and in horrible conditions so that the breeders and brokers can profit. The Amish are some of the most cruel breeders of dogs.


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