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Tracker Hopes Pizza Will Be Key in Finding, Catching Lost Dog

by Amy Drew

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A desperate owner, eager volunteers and one professional pet finder are on borrowed time to find Harper, a 110-pound Great Dane who’s been on the run for several weeks around Wyoming, MI.

The dog escaped the owner’s grandmother’s home and while she’s been spotted several times in the same area, near an intersection that borders a large agricultural field, she’s been skittish and has eluded capture — even running from her owner once at the scene.

Additionally, professional dog tracker Lindsey Sturgeon told ABC13 a local hunter has set his sights on the dog as well, threatening to shoot the dog on sight.

Armed with volunteer help, three latching cages, several trail cameras and bait including chicken and Little Caesar’s pizza, they are hoping to find and trap Harper before she gets hurt or worse.

Sturgeon said she has high hopes for the dog’s return, but sadly, Harper has not been seen in the last three weeks.

“Given the terrain we’re dealing with, she can cover such a large area in such a small amount of time,” Sturgeon said. “Plus, we’re very limited on where we can go.”

If she had a guess, the dog tracker said it’s possible the dog may have moved to a new location or “unfortunately, they did follow through on their threats and they have gotten rid of her in some way.”

Now, it’s a waiting game.

In the meantime, LWD fans in western Michigan: please keep an eye out for Harper. There is a cash reward for anyone with a tip that leads to a successful catch of the dog. You can follow the team’s success by following Harper’s Angels Facebook Page.