Tribute Paid to Police Dogs Killed in Action

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The story behind yesterday’s moving photo is one of loyalty and respect. And tragedy. A picture shared by thousands was incorrectly attributed by a Facebook poster, and many were left questioning the story behind the photograph.

Infosurhoy reports:

CURITIBA, Brazil – Quick, determined and with impeccable senses of smell and hearing, Dox and Lyon lost their lives during a recent police operation.

The two dogs were fatally shot while pursuing suspects in a forest near the city of Ribeirão das Neves on behalf of the Minas Gerais Military Police on May 17.

As soon as the trained German Shepherds located the hiding criminals, they started barking to alert officers they had located the suspects.

“One of the fugitives fired nine rounds and five hit Dox and four hit Lyon,” says Capt. Paulo Roberto Alves, commander of the Minas Gerais Military Police (PMMG) Shock Brigade, where the dogs had trained and served. “They gave their lives to protect police officers.”

The picture shared yesterday was from the funeral held for two canine heroes.

Prior to their cremation, the officers spent a few minutes with the Dox and Lyon’s remains, paying respect to their fallen heroes.

“It was one of the saddest moments of my life,” says Officer Luís Antônio de Castro Maciel, who was assigned to work with Dox five years ago. “It was like he was family to me.”

Officer Welly Lucindo, who was assigned to work with Lyon more than two years ago, says he “lost a friend.”

“What happened was a real tragedy,” he says. “I’m never going to forget him.”

According to Infosurhoy, a permanent memorial is being built in memory of the fallen heroes.

The courage shown by Dox and Lyon, who had been on the force for six and two years, respectively, inspired the organization to create a Hall of Heroes. It’s expected to be built this year at the headquarters of the PMMG’s 1st Company for Special Missions, in Contagem.

The hall will contain the ashes of dogs lost in service, as well as plaques and their photographs.

10 thoughts on “Tribute Paid to Police Dogs Killed in Action”

  1. How tragic. I hope that the criminals were caught. I hope that they get the book thrown at them. Rest in peace Dox and Lyon.

  2. Wow, what a sad story! I have never seen photos like this. Comfort to the dogs’ partners, Our K9’s to great work!!!! I have a trained guard dog, a German Shepherd named (Alpha), It will break my heart to lose him one day. Peace to all our fallen heroes, the memorial for these canine heroes is GREAT!

  3. How touching. We sometimes forget that their purpose in life is to protect and obey humans and seeing something like this brings it all into perspective.
    Seeing the respect and love given them is beautiful.
    Wish everyone thought of animals like this.
    I think criminals should be charged the same for taking an officer dog as they would a human officer.
    They gave their whole heart and soul to their job.
    Rest In Peace Dox and Lyon.

  4. Devotion, love and courage…an inspiration to us all. Blessings to all peace officers in their sacred work.

  5. Hello,
    All the support from the Netherlands,

    when i saw this my heart just broke. I’m 14 years old and want to be an Police Officer with an Germand Sheperd. I wish you the best love ever.

    With whole my heart,

    R.I.P Dox n Lyon.


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