Truman is an Adorable Dog with a Big Heart in Need of a Special Loving Home

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Hey, everybody!  Meet Truman!  He’s our Life With Dogs Adoptable Dog of the Day.  He’s a two-year-old Lab/American pit bull mix, and a very special guy.  He suffers from Myasthenia Gravis, and as a result also has Megaesophagus.  He’s looking for a good home with a family that will be able to help him out when he needs it and give him lots of love.


If you’d like to know more about Myasthenia Gravis, you can click here to be taken to PetMD.  They also have a great article on Megaesophagus as well, which you can get to by clicking here.


Truman is a neutered two-year-old Labrador retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He has a very long story that includes near death when he was first found as a stray with Lepto. He is currently in a loving Foster home in Rhode Island.


Young Truman is a very special dog. He is absolutely adorable, the photos don’t do him justice. Everyone who meets Truman quickly falls in love. He is young, and sweet, and affectionate. Truman likes to take a walk but does not require a ton of exercise. He is what we would call medium energy. He has made a few dog friends over the last few months, and tons of human friends!


Truman does have a condition called a rare muscular condition called Myasthenia Gravis and as a result, he also has Megaesophagus. He will need to eat upright for the rest of his life but he has a special chair that props him up for meals. The chair, all of his supplies and lots of support comes with Truman when he finally finds his forever home. We are happy to provide as much support as needed to his adoptive home in helping them learn about MegaE.


Truman knows his basic commands, he is potty trained, crate-trained, and walks very well on a leash.

Email Trish at [email protected] for more info.

To apply, please complete an application here:


2 thoughts on “Truman is an Adorable Dog with a Big Heart in Need of a Special Loving Home”

  1. Hey y’all! Fellow ME dog owner. I wanted to post my story about my boy Duke to prove that yes it’s an awful disease but it’s not a death sentence! Duke is my 3 year old American bulldog. WE adopted him from a rescue who saved his life. He was on his 11th hour at a high rate kill shelter. The rescue pulled him right before they could put him down. We adopting him 4 days later. He was only 16 weeks old. Fast forward 3 years. A month ago Duke became very ill. He wouldn’t eat and when he did he threw it up (later learned it was regurgitating) it took a week of constant vet visits and tears but we finally got the partial diagnosis of ME. Since then we have changed his life for the better again. He is now eating and living a totally normal life with the exception of feeding of course. MG and ME are both completely manageable. I am 22 years old. I’m an assistant manager candy store and my husband is military. We make it work. Please don’t pass over Truman because he has to eat differently. Meds and proper nutrition the MG manageable. Please consider this gorgeous boy!

  2. Hey y’all! I just wanted to share my personal experience with my ME dog! We rescued Duke American Bulldog (now 3 years old) in February of 2014. The rescue pulled him on his 11th hour from a high kill shelter in California. He was 16 weeks old and so much love and life in his eyes. 4 days after they pulled him, we adopted him. Fast forward a few years to the beginning of September 2016. Duke became ill. He wouldn’t eat and when he did he threw up (later learned it was regurgitating). We took him to the vet constantly for at least 2 weeks before they actually partially diagnosed him With ME and aspiration pneumonia. Although it’s not an easy feat, the diagnosis was the hard part. After the diagnosis we started to get into a routine and things are starting to settle down for us. Truman shouldn’t be looked over because he has a condition. This is a completely manageable condition with proper nutrition and meds. I’m 22 an assistant manager at a candy store my husband is military and we make it work. MG and ME are not death sentences. They are completely manageable. Please give Truman a fighting chance in a home. You will not regret the bond you make with an ME/MG dog.


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