Twelve-year-old boy raising money to save the sight of his neighbor’s dog

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A 12-year-old boy from Winchester, Massachusetts has a mission. Jack McPadden’s neighbor’s dog, Brody, has a diseased cornea. Brody is at risk of losing his sight. McPadden, who lost his own sight from cancer when he was nine months old, has raised hundreds of dollars to help pay for the veterinary care Brody needs.

Brody, a 5-year-old Boston Terrier, was rescued by Just a Touch Rescue, a nonprofit that saves dogs that have problems. “We take dogs at the bottom of the list – those little, broken critters with special needs who have no chance. All they need is a little help,” said Just a Touch founder Debbie Fahrenholtz. Just a Touch consulted a vet on Brody’s condition who believes Brody’s eye can be saved. It might require surgery costing $800 though.

Brody was placed in foster care with McPadden’s neighbor, Mariana Ovnic. McPadden is a big animal lover and bonded instantly with Brody and decided he wanted to help. “Animals can give so much to humans, and we can give back,” McPadden said. “They can give you love, and you get the feeling that you’re providing a home for them and nurturing them.”

McPadden reached out to his schoolmates and raised $211.05 in donations. Combined with the $100 from his own family, he says he is just getting started.  McPadden’s public service project in preparation for his Bar Mitzvah next June is to raise more money for Brody by baking and selling dog biscuits. McPadden is looking forward to Brody being healthy and adopted, “able to have a rich and wonderful life – like I have.”

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  1. If some how I could get his contact info I want to donate $25-$100 to his cause. Like him me and my parents adopt a chihuahua mix puppy from California. We spent $400 almost for him but we don’t care about the money we care about him. Here’s my 10 month old puppies story. He lived in California from birth til June 2. We believe someone got sick of him and tossed him away. He got lucky and some kind soul found him and took him to the shelter. sadly in California shelters dogs only have about 2 weeks and in my state of Maine we have a shelter that bring some to us. I got lucky and graduated this June and wanted to find another puppy for my 1 that I already have so I went to the shelter and found him. My parents agreed to adopt him for me as a gift.they told me at the shelter that he was supposed to be put down the day he came to Maine. I couldn’t believe it how could anyone want to do something like this something so little. Jasper was 5 months old when we got him. And he is loved every day instead of being put down he got a family. I praise these child could do something like this your parents should be proud. 😀

  2. What a remarkable and amazing young man! Please let us know how we can donate/contribute to Brody’s surgery. Thanks!


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