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Two Broken Elbows Didn’t Slow This Pug Down!

by Amy Drew

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Video courtesy of PAWsitive.

Six-year-old Bella is as cheery and sturdy and clownish as any other pug you might know. And though she has a disability, she doesn’t let it slow her down in the least.

According to Gwenn of Pug Nation, Bella looks like she’s part penguin, part seal and part pug. And like all pugs, all she really wants are kisses, cuddles and unconditional love. Maybe a few cookies, too!



When Bella broke an elbow for the first time, her then-family brought her to the vet for treatment. Sadly, they didn’t give her the after-care necessary for the fix to heal, and Bella re-broke the limb. They repaired it again and along the way, Bella managed to break the other one (vets believe she may have had weak limbs and been somewhat predisposed to the injury).



Vets decided to keep her confined at the hospital to heal. Her bills mounted. Volunteers at Pug Nation became aware of Bella’s tale and eventually, Bella’s family gave consent to relinquish her to the care of the hospital and then the rescue.

She was able to find a foster mom immediately and, not surprisingly, said foster was a failure! Bella is now happy, healed and living with her new family (which includes a grumpy-faced 14-year-old pug sibling).