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Two Colorado Women Start Lost Dog “Detective Agency”

by Fred

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Two friends that live in Aurora, Colorado have started their own lost dog detective agency.  They both love dogs, and hate to see family struggle through the sadness of missing an important member.  For them it’s just doing the right thing, but for the people they try to help it means the world.

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“Somebody’s animal goes lost or is missing or a stray is running the streets.  It just tugs at our heart strings,” said Whitney Olson.

“We’re the people who stop [to help],” said Kristen Rollin.

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Their very first “case” was about a dog called Murphy.  He had been missing from his family for over a month, and Olson and Rollin did return him to his family.  They kept hearing about Murphy being sighted in the area, and once they located him, they were able to track down the family he was missing from.

“We kept hearing about this dog and we finally spotted him and we were able to come back through Colorado Lost and Found Pets and figured out who he belonged to,” said Rollin.

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They enjoyed what they did and the satisfaction they got from reuniting people with their lost dogs so much, they decided to make it a full time gig for themselves.  That’s when they came up with their name for the business as well.  They called it Missing Mutt Detectives.

“It became clear to us there was a need for something like this in our community,” said Olson.

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You can follow Missing Mutts Detectives on Facebook by clicking their name in the article above.      They work very hard to do what it is they do, and they aren’t interested in turning a profit from all of this.  They exist off of donations, and do everything that they do free of charge.

Right now, they only have the resources to go looking after one dog at a time.  However, if you want to take a stand with them, and help get the detectives off the ground and really running you can donate by visiting their page.

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