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Two Littermates Adopted by Different Families End Up As Neighbors


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Sissy and Wrinkles

Two littermates that were adopted from Tennessee by two different families have ended up in their forever homes in the same town, on the same street.

Wrinkles, a pug/dachshund mix owned by the Capeci family of Newton, Connecticut, had been missing for two weeks before finally being found with her leash tangled around a tree. After being returned to the Capeci family, her story was featured on the local news station WPIX.

Following the story closely was Lauren Busser, who lives a mile from Wrinkles and her family.

Busser, who also owns a pug/dachshund mix, saw striking similarities in the appearance of her dog, Sissy, and Wrinkles. To satisfy her curiosity, she wrote an email to the Capeci family.

“After seeing a picture of Wrinkles, my parents were worried we had been duped and that we had adopted your dog,” she wrote. “She is the same color, age and size and we started spinning the idea that they might be sisters. What are the odds of two pug/doxies being on the same street?”

Both families had adopted their dogs from websites. The Capeci family adopted Wrinkles in February 2011 through Sissy had already been in two different homes before Busser adopted her through Companion Pet Rescue.

The odds of the littermates ending up in the same community together were very slim.

When Wrinkles and Sissy were reunited on Friday night, the family resemblance was undeniable. After the customary sniff-test, according to Tanya Capeci, the dogs appeared to recognize each other.

Wrinkles and Sissy will be celebrating their second birthday together later this week.