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Two-Month-Old Puppy Gets Rescued from Well

by Katherine

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On March 1, 2014, 18-year-old Jose Salas from Corning, Calif., was in front of his house with his 9-year-old sister, and 2-month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy, named Lucky. The three of them were playing but all of a sudden the puppy disappeared from the front yard.

Salas thought the curious dog might have run off to the back of the house, but upon inspecting the property, the teenager did not find his dog. The search continued for some time, and as hours passed the family grew worried.

Firefighters pose with Lucky, the 2-month-old puppy stuck inside a well pipe.
Firefighters pose with Lucky, the 2-month-old puppy stuck inside a well pipe.

Suddenly they heard whines coming from the front yard but there were no visual signs of the missing dog. The Salas family followed the sound and discovered Lucky had fallen into a 6 in., 30 feet deep well pipe.

CalFire and Tehama County Fire Station 12 were called to assist with the puppy’s retrieval.

The hero rescuers tried using utility rope to rescue the puppy, but their tries were unsuccessful. After 20 minutes they switched to heavier rope. The made a loop at the end of it and hoped to slide the rope under the canine’s torso, pulling him up the pipe.

Luckily, the rope was secured around the young dog’s body. Yet, in mid ascend, the well-pipe reduced in diameter and the puppy became stuck.

Rescuers tried reaching Lucky with their arms, but he was still too far down the pipe. They decided to use a pike pole and bring the dog within reach of one of the firefighters who brought him out of the pipe and into safety.

The 2-month-old pet is very lucky. He did not suffer any injures and within minutes he went back to his usual playful, puppy self.

Firefighters helped the Salas family cover the well pipe to prevent future accidents.