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Two of a Kind! Woman Shares Wheelchair with Senior Dog

by Amy Drew

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The senior woman and her senior dog got lots of attention as they took turns with the wheelchair. Photo: Tori Cunningham


One of the things dog lovers enjoy most is sharing and when it happens — as is the case here — it’s often a sight to behold.

A woman and her dog were visiting the Red Barn Flea Market down in Florida one afternoon, and ended up garnering a bit of positive attention, all because they were taking turns using the woman’s wheelchair.

The woman and her dog were both seniors — both get tired walking around for long periods of time. When someone walked up to the woman and started talking to her about her dog, she said, “She’s fine, she just gets real tired, so we take turns,” the Dodo reported.

Just like her momma, the sweet pup sometimes gets a little tired from too much walking. Photo: Tori Cunningham


Tori Cunningham was at the flea market that day and couldn’t help but notice how sweet they were together.

“So many people stopped to take pictures,” Cunningham told The Dodo. “They were precious together. She obviously adored the dog.”

The woman loves her dog so much, and wants to make sure she’s well rested, too. They’re the perfect match for each other, and everyone who meets them can clearly see it.