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Two Pups Left to Die in a Crate in Someone’s Backyard Make an Amazing Transformation!

by Fred

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WARNING!!  The following rescue video may be a bit graphic for some, and will ABSOLUTELY make you angry.  However, we implore you to see this through to the end, because the payoff is so beyond worth it, we don’t really have the words to describe it properly.



Up to the point of their rescue, Sara and Ingrid had known nothing but misery.  They ended up being adopted by this guy that kept them in a small cage in his backyard, and for all intents and purposes completely forgot about them.

This individual was a drug dealer, and wound up getting himself arrested.  While he was in jail, the two pups were STILL in the cage in his backyard.  It was at this point that someone from Angelico Cat and Dog Rescue noticed the two dogs in the conditions in which they were forced.  They simply could not let this stand.

Angelico tried numerous times to rescue the dogs, but were thwarted every time.  Eventually, they wore down this person’s father, and the dogs were released into their care.

Things are MUCH better for this pair these days.  Thanks to the efforts of the people at Angelico, both Sara and Ingrid have a second chance at life.  Hopefully, this time they go to people that will love and appreciate them for the furry balls of love they are!