UK Family’s New Rug Has Them Tripping Over Their “Camo Canine”

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7.25.16 - UK Family Keeps Tripping Over Camo Canine2


When a family purchased a new rug for their home, they came to find later that it was a bit of a problem:  their dog Stanley chose it as his favorite spot, and unfortunately blends in quite perfectly.  People have tripped over him a couple of times, but now they’re much more careful to check where they’re going!

Deb Lythgoe and her fiancé Pete Chinsall recently added a rug to their home, but didn’t think for a moment when picking it out that it would cause them to have such a problem with their poodle.


7.25.16 - UK Family Keeps Tripping Over Camo Canine4


“We bought the rug a few months ago and put it in the front room. Stanley straight away liked it and started laying on it,” Deb told the Mercury Press.

“We noticed he matched the color but we didn’t think anything of it at first. However suddenly we kept finding ourselves tripping up over him.”


7.25.16 - UK Family Keeps Tripping Over Camo Canine1


“That’s when we realized that when he is there you actually can’t see him. Thankfully we’ve not had any serious accidents though.”

“It made us laugh so we took a picture of it and shared it with my friends. We didn’t really realize just how invisible he is, but everyone who saw it couldn’t believe it.”


7.25.16 - UK Family Keeps Tripping Over Camo Canine3


“It took lots of people ages to realize there was even a dog in the picture. Everyone was amazed by how much he blended in. Everyone loved it.

“Stanley is a really good boy. He is really good with the kids and has a lovely temperament.  While he keeps finding himself in trouble with the rug, it’s not his fault and it is the only problem he causes!”


7.25.16 - UK Family Keeps Tripping Over Camo Canine4