University Gets New Mascots, Three Stray Dogs

by Katherine

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Three stray dogs from San Juan, Argentina, now have a better life thanks to San Juan’s National University students and its security team.

The three strays, named Negrita (Black), Victor Hugo, and Batman, used to roam the streets surrounding the university, until one of the strays was injured by a car and needed medical assistance.

When Negrita was hit by a car, many thought she wouldn’t make it, but thanks to a veterinarian and the emergency surgery performed on her, her life was saved. The canine lost a leg, but she kept her friendly spirit and her willingness to survive. When she recovered, the canine was returned to the University area, and she made the University her home.

Jorge Pacheco, Negrita and Victor Hugo.
Jorge Pacheco, Negrita and Victor Hugo.

A night shift security guard started bringing her along his nightly patrols and the two bonded instantly, but during the day he didn’t want the dog to be alone on the streets again, therefore Jorge Pacheco, day-shift security guard, started looking after her.

Negrita then brought two of her friends, Victor Hugo and Batman, and these two pets were also adopted by the security personnel. Pacheco would feed them daily and keep them safe, and eventually he built the dogs their own dog houses.

The security guards weren’t the only ones to fall in love with the pets. Students alike became attached to the strays and contribute to the pets’ care with dog food and donations to cover vet care. Some students have even dressed the dogs with homemade dog sweaters to protect them during winter.

Everyone has come together to make sure the three unofficial college mascots are up to date on their shots, and are always cared for and loved.

Whenever Negrita, Victor Hugo and Batman bring home another stray, their care takers make sure the visiting pet gets a meal and a sweater. The dog rescuers are hoping to connect with a registered rescue organization, willing to help them find the three dogs loving forever homes.