UPDATE: Abused Dog Caitlyn Is Now Pampered & Happy

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12.18.15 - Caitlyn Update2


Back in June we told you about Caitlyn, the dog who had her muzzle taped so tightly closed that her tongue was nearly cut off.  She recovered splendidly, and is now being spoiled rotten!

A Charleston, South Carolina resident found the tortured dog on their front porch and called police.  She was taken to Charleston Animal Society, who got her immediate medical attention.  The restricted blood flow minimized her sensitivity to pain after a while, but once the binding was removed, feeling came back with superabundance.

“When we pulled the tape off, she kind of opened her mouth and screamed,” said Aldwin Roman of the CAS.


12.18.15 - Caitlyn Update5


Despite her horrific abuse, Caitlyn thrived.  Today, she’s an ambassador for abuse victims everywhere, and was recently given a “bone” to North Charleston by the mayor.

“Her personality came out immediately after she wasn’t sedated,” said Kay Hymen, Director of Community Engagement at CAS.  Each day we learned more and more about her.  She’s super, super sweet, very loving, extremely intelligent… she’s amazing.”

BarkPost recently treated her to the best day ever…

For updates on Caitlyn, or information on adopting her, visit CAS’ Facebook page.


270 thoughts on “UPDATE: Abused Dog Caitlyn Is Now Pampered & Happy”

  1. I’ve got the latest on Caitlyn – she has been in a loving foster home for almost a year and i believe her foster family is planning on adopting her after the trial is over for the abuser, I’ve seen several pics of her and her family and she looks very loved and happy she even has a “sister”. Oreo another Stacie I believe that have become best friends. She is an amazing dog and hope her future continues with all the love and happiness she so deserves!! Hugs for you Caitlyn!

  2. I’ve been following Caitlyn’s story & have fallen in love with her, I cried and lost my appetite when I found out how she was abused, I remember wanting her story to make an impact and for her to not only recover perfectly but to find her fur-ever home right away so she could be in a loving consistent environment for her emotional wounds to heal especially trusting humans again, and I’m here to tell u both of these prayers were answered & more! She has also been an Internet sensation being a voice for abuse, she has attracted celebrities too! Rick Springfield requested to meet her on a tour going thru Charlston, she also has been in people magazine, posed for 2016 firefighters calender in her hometown and has raised tons of money at a gala event featuring her as the feature guest! Caitlyn deserves all if this but mostly she deserves for the rest of her life to be filled with love & happiness.??? hugs, kisses and lots of tender love for you sweet girl, I luv u Caitlyn!!! Keep inspiring,!!!!!


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