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UPDATE: Albert and Bliss’s Wish

by Katherine

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On Tuesday night we told you about a homeless man from Los Angeles named Albert and his dog Bliss. Albert is very sick, he is suffering from a collapsed lung, pneumonia, seizures, asthma and diabetes, and all he wished for was for a safe place he could spend what he thinks are his last days with his dog.

Last time Albert received medical help Bliss ended up at a shelter and was put on death row (read our original story to find out why). Now, the last thing he wants is to be admitted to a hospital again and have to leave his best friend behind. Albert does not want to lose his dog to the streets or a shelter. Bliss is family.

Albert and Bliss receiving gifts. Photo Credit: Jasmin Dustin/Cause4Paws
Albert and Bliss receiving gifts. Photo Credit: Jasmin Dustin/Cause4Paws


Well, thanks to Cause4Paws, your generosity, and the generosity of all your friends you shared our story with, Albert and Bliss are being helped.

More than $10,000 has been raised to help Albert. Here is what happened when Jasmin Dustin, founder of Cause4Paws went to visit Albert and Bliss.

“I just got back from an amazing day visiting with Albert and Bliss. My heart is still absolutely melting for such a kind and compassionate man,” Dustin told us last night. “We were able to raise a great amount of money, so we went and bought him a new motorized wheelchair that was delivered at the same time today. [Albert] was beyond shocked. He got so excited that he was unable to talk for a few minutes due to his lungs being in such bad shape.”

“Bliss was very shy and just sat by her daddy the whole time. I brought her a bunch of food and treats, I’m sure she’ll enjoy when she’s more comfortable. We loaded Albert up with some steak and macaroni and cheese, but he was more ecstatic about the homemade berry lemonade.”

“He still had his grocery cart filled with what belongings he did own right by his bed,” continued Dustin, “I told him that we raised money to get him into a place he could call his own and he wouldn’t need that cart anymore. He just couldn’t stop saying how there really is such things as angels on this planet.”

Jasmin Dustin, Albert and Bliss. Photo Credit: Jasmin Dustin/Cause4Paws
Jasmin Dustin, Albert and Bliss. Photo Credit: Jasmin Dustin/Cause4Paws


Dustin has arranged to take Albert to a doctor next week where he will require medical tests and an update on his prescription medications. Albert said that when he was in the hospital the last time, doctors said a pace maker was crucial for him to keep his body going.

It seems there is hope for Albert and Bliss, and if he gets the help he desperately needs, he will get many more years and holidays to spend with his dog and best friend.

“I’m asking everyone to keep this story going far and wide in hopes of someone stepping up and helping,” said Dustin. The struggle to get Albert and Bliss back on their feet is not over yet.

If you’re interested in helping Albert, contact Cause4Paws on their website or Facebook page, or consider making and online donation here.