UPDATE: Blind Dog and Seeing Eye Buddy Adopted Together

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7.8.15 - Glenn & Buzz


We told you about Glenn and his seeing eye buddy Buzz a short while ago.  Thanks to some loving people, they now have a forever home together.  The pair seem very happy together in their new home.

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7.8.15 - Glenn and Buzz2


The tale of these two touched many people when they found out about the duo.  Calls came flooding into the shelter they were at with many adoption offers.  Even staff at the shelter had never seen a pair of dogs rely on eachother so much.

They were getting calls from the Untied States, Canada, all over Europe, South America and even Australia.  It was love at first sight for many, so the list of available homes was quite long.


7.8.15 - Glenn and BuzzFEAT


After all was said and done, and a lengthy screening process to be sure that any home they went to would be able to accommodate them properly, and the humans they would call family would treat them as family as well.

Susan Critchlow has worked with Glenn and Buzz at the animal shelter for a while.  She was also very instrumental in helping the dogs achieve that forever family they so deserved.


7.8.15 - Glenn and Buzz3


She said, “Buzz and Glenn have won the hearts of everyone here at Stray Aid, and seeing them going off to start their new life was emotional.  We’re sorry to see the dogs go, but delighted to have found them such a loving and supportive new home.”

182 thoughts on “UPDATE: Blind Dog and Seeing Eye Buddy Adopted Together”

  1. I see so many dogs loosing their home after years with their supposed to be their family and stray and dumped Animals.. I had tears in my eyes and a little bit of hope that one day people will be more responsible when getting a new member to their family. From Miami FL

  2. Hopefully some of the hundreds of families that wanted to adopt these two will adopt another dog from the shelter, or from another shelter. There are way too many without homes.


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