UPDATE:  Collie Matted So Badly He Couldn’t Even Relieve Himself Has Now Been Adopted

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6.22.16 - Freight Is Adopted1


Remember Freight?  He was living in a railyard for over a month, but had been suffering for far longer than that.  He was very fortunately rescued, and then taken in by a lovely foster family.  Well, both Freight and his fosters fell in love with each other, so they decided to make his living arrangement a permanent one.


This heart-warming update comes from Trio Animal Foundation:



When TAF was contacted about Freight he was in pretty bad shape. In fact, he was so matted that he could no longer properly relieve himself or fully extend his legs. It would take shaving his bottom down to even see what gender her was. The burrs, dried feces, urine, twigs, dirt, etc., matted into the tangled fur, made it impossible to see his anatomy.


6.22.16 - Freight Is Adopted3


If that wasn’t bad enough, it was discovered that Freight was heartworm positive. Poor Freight just couldn’t catch a break. It would take weeks of hospitalizations before Freight was healthy enough to go into foster care. This is where his recovery continued while undergoing heartworm treatment.

Freight’s foster mom and dad took him under their wing and made sure that he made it to all of his vet appointments at our vet. They not only gave Freight a serene environment to recover in but allowed us to focus on some of the other critical medical cases in our care. We knew that they had our back and that Freight would not go without.


6.22.16 - Freight Is Adopted2


Well, we are happy to announce that Freight’s foster family has adopted him! They are so in love with Freight and just couldn’t bear parting with him. To his new mom and dad, Freight was part of their family well before he was available for adoption. By the look of Freight’s adoption photo, he couldn’t be prouder or happier.

A big thank you to everybody that has donated towards Freight’s medical care and kept him in their thoughts and prayers. Your generosity and kindness has truly been appreciated!


6.22.16 - Freight Is Adopted4

13 thoughts on “UPDATE:  Collie Matted So Badly He Couldn’t Even Relieve Himself Has Now Been Adopted”

  1. Look at that beautiful handsome boy sitting there with his new loving family. Fantastic. What a wonderful happy ending for this guy.

  2. What a Handsome boy Freight is. So wonderful he was saved and adopted by a loving & forever home Thank you so much for loving him : )

  3. Hoping for a long & loving life with his new owner
    I do believe he’s a Sheltie (Shetland Sheep Dog)
    not a Collie.

    • Shelties are alot smaller than that. They are around the size of Jack Russell etc. This dog is about the size of a lab. Also the same size as the dogs that played lassie, which were also rough collies

  4. God’s Blessings < to Freight and His Beautiful parents. I love you Freight & I LOVE your parents! So Happy for all!

  5. I am glad for the positive outcome, however this isn’t always the case.
    I wish Yahoo would stop posting these animal articles. They upset me, I may have to change my home page.

    • If this type article upsets you, I suggest you rid yourself of all electronics, newspapers, magazines, etc. Then lock yourself in your home and don’t answer the phone or the door.

  6. It is great to hear that he has found a new home and that there are such wonderful people out there willing to help animals and give them forever homes.


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