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UPDATE: Dog Rescuer Aids Homeless Family

by Adrea

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Jurassic Bark Kenneth donation (3)

UPDATE:  Following up on the story we posted on Tuesday, Kellye LeBoff , Director of Jurassic Bark Rescue, shared what is happening with the family she assisted earlier in the week that had been turned out of their home.

Jurassic Bark kenneth family (1) Jurassic Bark kenneth family (2)

They are presently in an extended stay motel for which Jurassic Bark is covering the bill.  The organization has gotten the family connected to a variety of social services and Kellye is now working with them in the hopes of getting their dogs spayed and neutered, although she admits, that particular part of the process is taking some educating.


Facebook friend and donors have been extremely generous in providing clothing for the children and food for the family, but has slowed down considerably.  Kellye has paid for this week’s accommodations out of her own pocket ($475.00), which has been a challenge for her, as well.  That aside, her main concern is the family does not lose the place in which they are presently located.

Jurassic Bark Kenneth donation (1)

Jurassic Bark Rescue has put a lot of resources forward to help this family in an effort to do what they can to get them back on their feet.   If you can and would like to help, donations for the family can be made via PayPal to  [email protected].  Please make sure to include a note stating “for family.”  You will receive a 501c3  tax deductible  receipt  for your donation.  If you are in the Houston area and want to donate items, please call 832-243-6090 so pick  up can be arranged.


Please visit the Jurassic Bark Rescue and their Facebook page for details.