UPDATE:  Extremely Matted Collie Freight Says “Thank You!!”

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4.26.16 - Update on Freight3Freight, feeling very relieved after being shorn of all that painful, cumbersome, stinky hair.



Yesterday we told you about Freight, the extremely matted Collie who had been living in a rail yard for over a month.  His mats were so bad that all his urine and feces was getting stuck in his fur.  Now that he has been groomed and is feeling much better, he’s showing staff how appreciative he is.

Here is the most recent update from Trio Animal Foundation:


As if to say, “thank you,” our timid Freight walked up to a member of his medical team, stood on his back legs and gave him a kiss. Since being caught, this is the first time that Freight has shown emotion like this. Quite honestly, one of the sweetest and most unexpected moments that we have witnessed in a long time…

On Friday we shared with you the devastating news that Freight tested positive for heartworm disease. In order to determine how advanced his case is, we immediately requested radiographs to see if his heart has undergone any physiological changes that sometimes happen when heartworms are present. Fortunately nothing was noticed which hopefully means he doesn’t have a heavy worm load in his heart and vascular system. 

The next thing we checked is whether collie’s can successfully have Immiticide to treat heartworm disease. Collies, along with several other breeds, often have a genetic mutation that causes sensitivity to several drugs. One of these drugs is Ivermectin which is the main component of several heartworm medications/preventatives. We confirmed that Immiticide is NOT on the list of things that cause complications. 

Freight began taking an antibiotic last week and will continue on it through the completion of his heartworm treatment. This will help stave off infection that can result from the dying worms in his system. He is still hospitalized to reduce the amount of stress from changing his environment several times before/during treatment. 


4.26.16 - Update on Freight4Nearly falling asleep in Anthony’s arms after a medicated bath, and days later, giving some gentle smooches.


Today Freight was professionally groomed at Zulu Dog and Cat boutique. The last layer of dirt came off of him and his coat was smoothed out from the removal of the matted, filthy fur from last week. We wanted to get this done before he began treatment so we could be sure he didn’t get stressed out and possibly complicate his heartworm treatment. (Thank you to Freight’s groomer, Kay, who made a special trip just for him. Kay even donated her services… such a kindhearted woman.)

On Thursday, Freight will receive his first injection of Immiticide to begin his heartworm treatment. He will remain hospitalized through the weekend under the watchful eye of his medical team. Once they are sure he is doing well, he will be going to a foster home for 30 days. 

Over the 30 days, he will continue his antibiotic and be restricted in activity. According to the American Heartworm Society, “Killing the heartworms that live in the dog’s bloodstream is essential to restoring your dog’s health, but at the same time, the death of the worms—which can grow to be a foot long or longer—poses risks. When heartworms die, pieces of the decomposing worm bodies can block blood vessels in the lungs, causing a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism (blood clot). If the dog’s heart rate is increased by exercise or excitement, the worm pieces can be forced into the tiny blood vessels of the lungs, increasing the chances of complications.”

After the 30 days, Freight will return to the vet for back to back injections over 48 hours and be hospitalized for 2-5 days depending on how he handles the treatment. He will then need to have bloodwork rechecked in 6 months and continue on heartworm preventative for the rest of his life. 

If you would like to know more about Freight’s story of survival, please click on the following link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150658984589955.1073741900.71480294954&type=3

TAF is asking that you keep Freight in your thoughts and prayers as his hardest journey is about to begin… thanks.

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