UPDATE: Farewell to Bingo, the Service Dog with a “Lick It” List

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Bingo1 A Canadian boy touched hearts globally when he created a Lick It List – a bucket list for dogs -when he    knew his ailing service dog and best friend wouldn’t be with him much longer.

Cole Hein has an undiagnosed malady that causes him to suddenly stop breathing. Bingo, a Jack Russell terrier was trained to bark loudly and alert Cole parents or others that he needed help. “I owe Cole’s life … to Bingo saving (him) countless times,” said the boy’s mother, Mandi Hein.

Bingo developed canine dementia in the last year at the age of 13, and Cole knew that while he couldn’t save his friend, he could make the time she had left as happy as possible. He created a bucket list for her that he dubbed a ‘Lick It’ list. He requested treats from all over the world for her to taste since she could no longer get out and have new experiences.
Cole’s devotion to his best friend brought responses from all over the world. After giving her one of the treats sent in, he would donate the rest of the box to a shelter. Cesar Milan was so moved by Cole’s love for Bingo that he called the boy to offer words of comfort and established a fund in Bingo’s name to benefit abused and abandoned dogs.
Tuesday, the Hein’s realized that it was time to let go of Bingo and she was taken to clinic one last time. Bingo was 14 years old.
In a written statement from Cole, he had this to say:

“Bingo will go to heaven on a marshmallow cloud that will have a chocolate water slide for dogs,” Cole Hein, 11, said in a written statement Wednesday.

“Bingo will ask God if he could help the dogs on Earth more by helping dogs living in pounds, shelters (and) rescue groups get good homes with loving new moms and dads and children, who will love them as much as I love Bingo.”

“Cole will soon have another dog with a special bark. MSAR, a non-government search and rescue organization with a special canine program, trained Bingo and is already working with a dog named Neekan who will be given to the family soon.”